ISO 27001:2013

IPTECO – Our security policy according to norm 27001:2013.


In accordance with ISO 27001, we record and store information on behalf of our customers. Compliance with the requirements of the standard, we provide methodical and continuous data security. In implementing this standard, we have implemented a number of measures to improve the level of information security.

Our Information Security objectives:

  • Contribute to secure information processing by protecting information resources from breaching confidentiality and integrity.
  • Prevent, detect, and quickly fix security breaches to minimize possible damage.
  • Ensure that both steel and temporary employees have the necessary skills and completed training in information security.
  • Enhance and support the business goals of our clients.

We continue to improve our processes in all these areas. This way we want to ensure our customers that they work with a supplier who cares about their interests.