(71-1515) Diameter for EPC (Evolved Packet Core)

Diameter for EPC

In mobile core there is basic ss7 signalling protocol in use. In EPS/EPC Evolved Packet System / Evolved Packet Core there is new protocol – Diameter that takes main role in signalling procedures. This new protocol is used by all control nodes in system: HSS, PCRF, MME.

During this course participants will learn how Diameter is working in general but also Diameter for specified applications. The main application is Diameter for HSS. Except SIP, Diameter is most important signalling protocol in mobile network.

1. Introduction

  • EPS Evolved Packet Core nodes, interfaces, protocols
  • Attach with default bearer, detach, TAU
  • Dedicated bearer activation
  • Mobility procedures

2. Diameter Protocol

  • Diameter protocol stack
  • Diameter header
  • Diameter message format
  • Diameter messages
  • Diameter session
  • Diameter agents
  • Diameter peer table
  • Diameter routing table
  • Diameter protocol errors
  • Diameter loop detection
  • Diameter application error
  • Diameter Result-Codes

3. Diameter for MME, HSS, PCRF

  • Evolved Packet Core EPC, nodes, interfaces
  • Attach, Detach
  • APN configuration
  • Authentication
  • ME Check
  • Tracking Area Update
  • VoLTE support
  • VoLTE handover to 3G support
  • SMS support
  • S1AP S1 Application Part protocol
  • X2AP X2 Application Part protocol
  • Diameter protocol for HSS, MME procedures


Difficulty level: Beginner, Advanced

Duration: 1 day

Target audience: telecom engineer, other users of telecom system

Training method: lectures, theoretical exercises

Prerequisites: none

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