(71-1512) LTE System Radio Signalling and Procedures

The LTE System Radio Signalling and Procedures

The LTE System Radio Signalling and Procedures focuses on signalling in radio netwrok. Participants will learn entire radio system with all aspects and details. Network Attach, Detach, Tracking Area Update, Service Request are explained in details. During this course participants will learn all protocols and signalling procedures on radio and core interfaces.

1. Introduction

  • OFDMA and  SC-FDMA
  • FDD/TDD frames
  • LTE cells and Tracking Areas
  • Evolved Packet Core EPC
  • Interfaces and protocols
  • Policy Control Routing Function PCRF

2. LTE Radio

  • LTE cells, Tracking Area, LTE identities
  • Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access OFDMA
  • Fourier Transform
  • Constelation maping for QAM 16, QAM 64
  • LTE OFDMA receiver and transmiter
  • Single Carrier Frequency Division Multiple Access
  • Inter Cell Interferences
  • LTE physical channels, transport and logical channels
  • MIMO
  • LInk Adaptation
  • Hybrid Adaptive Repeat Request HARQ

3. LTE Core

  • EPC – Evolved Packet Core
  • MME, MME in pool
  • HSS system
  • Session Initiation Protocol SIP
  • Diameter protocol for HSS, MME procedures
  • Bearer, user data tunneling and QoS
  • Policy Control Routing Function PCRF

4. Procedures

  • Attach with default bearer
  • Dedicated bearer activation
  • Mobility procedures
  • LTE Security procedures authentication and ciphering

5. Voice over LTE VoLTE and SMS

  • IMS architecture for VoLTE and SMS
  • VoLTE call setup
  • VoLTE handover to 3G, WiFi with SR-VCC
  • SMS over LTE with MME and SMS with IP-SMG

Difficulty level: Beginner, Advanced

Duration: 1 day

Target audience: telecom engineer, other users of telecom system

Training method: lectures, theoretical exercises

Prerequisites: none

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