(71-1511) LTE System

LTE System

The LTE System course will make the participants familiar with the next generation of cellular system – 4G / LTE Long Term Evolution. This course is about Radio and Core part and focus on well known 2G/3G and its evolution to 4G / LTE.

During this course participants will learn about LTE Radio and signaling procedures, about the core part the Evolved Packet System EPS. Participants will learn about network architecture with nodes: eNodeB, MME, SGw, PGw and cooperation with SGSN, MSC. There is also part about the IMS IP Multimedia System that deliver Voice over LTE VoLTE.

It is recomended to continue this training with LTE System Radio Signalling and Procedures course or LTE Evolved Packet Core.

1. Itroduction

  • Mobile network 2G, 3G, LTE
  • Mobile network LTE nodes and interfaces
  • Mobile network LTE protocols

2. LTE Radio

  • LTE bands
  • Physical Radio Layer, pilots, resource block, QAM16, QAM64
  • LTE frames, subframes
  • LTE physical channesl, transport and logical channels

3. LTE Core EPC Evolved Packet COre

  • EPS / EPC
  • EnodeB, S1/X2
  • MME / MSC / SGSN
  • SGw/PGw
  • S1 protocol
  • X2 protocol

4. Signalling Procedures

  • attach, normal location update, periodical location update, detach
  • bearers, QoS, QCI
  • LTE scurity authentication, ciphering

5. IMS IP Multimedia System

  • IMS architecutre, nodes, interfaces, protocols
  • IMS services: presence, device configuration


Difficulty level: Beginner

Duration: 1 day

Target audience: telecom engineer, other users of telecom system

Training method: lectures, theoretical exercises

Prerequisites: none

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